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Our mural editions are the most practical and affordable way to make your walls with one-of-a-kind Tompe l’oeil wall art. Special application systems and non-permanent adhesives make your murals ‘mobile’ so you can take it with you when you move. All editions come with a Certificate of Origin of the Rainer Maria Latzke Studio making them an artwork of lasting and potentially increasing value. e



With the patented Frescografie manufacturing process we offer unique murals according to your individual wall dimensions and ideas, which after application do not differ to tan on-site painted mural – through to the tactile brushwork on the  surface. Find out how to make your rooms with an custom-made extraordinary wall decoration without having them occupied for days or weeks. e


Home-Create-your-wall3Create Your Own Mural

With our unique FrescoMaster Design software you can become your own Michelangelo. You can cover you walls with illusionistic architecture like an European castle or a palace room of the Forbidden City. You can apply master pieces of arts or views to the most beautiful landscapes of the world. We transfer your design on wall-big canvasses which can be attached in just some hours. e


Home-original2On-Site Painted Murals

Our artistic team also creates murals on-site. Under the guidance of Rainer Maria Latzke, Professor of wall painting and one of the leading artists in this field the murals are executed on-site or on large canvasses in the artist´s studio. For fmore information about this highly valuable original art work please contact us. e


We provide you with wall decorations manufactured to your individual measurements. We adapt all architectural elements like windows, doors, beams etc with matching illusionistic architecture in the image, and also make sure that, for example, wall lamps, sockets, ventilation grills etc. are integrated harmoniously in the image, so that they do not cut inappropriate through picture elements and thus damage the illusionistic effect.

How to realize your custom-made Frescography:

1. Choose a theme and order the respective design project

2. Send us the measurements

The measurements should reflect the free space between corner to corner and from the top edge of the floor bar to the ceiling resp. the bottom edge of the crown molding. The plans can be drawn by hand. If you want to integrate works of our art gallery or landscape views your integrated let us know which and where. Mark the position of appliances such as TV screens, plugs, lamps etc. If available, you can also send us photos of the room in order to give us a better understanding of your project. If you want to have artwork or landscape views integrated in your wall design let us know which and where.


Dining-area-before Living-area-before Living-area-middle-before Living-area-left-before


3. We will create the design according to your specifications and send it for acceptation.

If you want alternations we will work it free of cost into the design and send it again for acceptance..


4. We will produce the design on wall-size big, cut and ready-to-attach canvasses.

Produktion1 Produktion2 Produktion3 frescography-application

You can attach the images on any dry, and plane surface with commercially available adhesive. Since there are no visible seams or joints after application the paintings will look like an on- site created artwork.

5. Outcome


Here you can watch a video of the completed project:


verbotene-Stadt-87x202The Dreamworlds editions offer simple and affordable access to Rainer Maria Latzke’s artistic creations. Dreamworlds takes a new approach to creating murals for the customer. Unlike other mural reproductions we offer a removable mounting system that allows you to apply and remove the murals without causing any damage.

The edition includes murals of window size to wall-sized triptych.

Several mounting options are available; pre-hung on an easily removable aluminum stretcher, or bonded by a residue-free removable adhesive. For both versions, there are mounting ready, prepared stucco frames in which each piece of the image can be seamlessly connected and supports the trompe l’oeil impression of a real wall opening.

The new Weightless edition shows the most beautiful landscapes of our world, and the floating objects symbolize the weightlessness in these places.


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With our one of a kind Step ‘n Stop method, smooth marble floors can be turned into non-slip floors without losing the beauty of a polished marble surface. Our precisely calculated decors are engraved by sandblasting the stone, allowing the foot to always find a slip-resistant surface that provides a secure grip. The decorations are so finely worked that they are only noticeable on close inspection, but still convey to the viewer an ornamental effect as an anti-slip floor. The decorations can be applied to previously supplied plates and even after installation.

Following our motto “Not just the mural, but the entire room” We consult with our clients on the appropriate space environment, light and all other interior design elements involved. In most cases, joists, static conditional columns, architectural elements, and other visual disturbances at first glance are the reason for particularly creative solutions that can improve the overall impression later on in the design process.

The example above shows a client’s curved pool. The clients was unhappy with the arc shape of the pool and the “tunnel like” feel of the room. To counteract the resulting “tunnel” shape, artist Rainer Maria Latzke divided the space with a gazebo and added subtle details in the deep corners to avoid creating a space that seemed too tight. With the addition of the gazebo, the hall will appear to have two additional rectangular spaces, an effect that will be further supported by the illusionistic openings on both sides of the pavilion

The client’s pool hall from the pictured above feature two wall niches that were originally intended for decorative purposes but were currently serving as sites for flower vases. Artist Rainer Maria Latzke incorporated these niches into the design of the wall murals. Additionally, taking advantage of the niches, a reading corner was included in the design of the mural.

The pool hall above is from a family owned and operated 5-Star hotel. The visual concept is taken from the cliffs of Dürnstein, Austria. The pool hall featured a Jacuzzi, pool, and gym. Artist Rainer Maria Latzke utilized every centimeter of available space next to the gym and Jacuzzi to give the visual realization of a full pool. Additionally, Rainer created the illusion that the pool was located on the terrace of the Cot’d Azur and tied the pillars in a pillared pavilion. Now the guests of the hotel who frequent the pool hall are presented with the impression of a wide and clear swimming pool.