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With our Frescographies you can compose your own personal wall decoration, tailor-made to the measures of your walls and the architectural elements of the room such as windows doors and built-in appliances. You can choose a background and decorate it with moldings, paintings or openings with views on beautiful landscapes.







How do I create my own personal wall decoration?

1. Take the measurements and mark where you want to have what. 

Send us a floor plan and wall elevations. If available, you also can send us photo´s for better understanding of your project. 


Dining-area-before  Living-area-before  Living-area-middle-before  Living-area-left-before

3. We create the design according to your specifications.Projekt-description-4

We also can create photo realistic animations of the finalized room.

Dining-area-montage   Living-room-montage

4. We create the Fescographies on canvasses, cut and ready to attach.

Produktion1 Produktion2 Produktion3 frescography-application

5. Outcome

No visible seams nor joints: The result has the effect of a on-site hand-crafted mural.


Here you can watch a video of the completed project:


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How to realize your Ceiling Mural:

1. Choose a theme 

2. Measure the ceiling

Note:In order to correctly match the ceiling design to your room dimensions, it requires having assigned any fixed objects on the walls, lights, spots and air outlets. The plan can be drawn by hand.

If you would like to integrate works from our art gallery, figures or plants into the scenery, we require the exact name of the elements as well as the location of the desired objects.

3. Production

We produce your ceiling mural on canvasses in one piece up to 5 x 10m (15 x 30 ft). If the ceiling is bigger we will cut the canvas in easiest to handle pieces and add to connecting edges a few centimeters (inches), so that the pieces can be connected by double-cut with no visible seam.