VF-02-ToskanaShop Windows Series of the Schwerelos Edition >

The windows of the Schwerelos edition are an illusionistic view through an open window or a so called ‚Venetian Window‘, a popular architectural form of the Mediterranean.

T-01-CapriShop Door Motifs of the Schwerelos Edition >

The door motifs of the ‘Schwerelos’ Edition show door-size views of the world´s most beautiful landscapes, enlivened with floating objects that are sometimes only discovered on second glance.


Shop Sepia Triptychs of the Schwerelos Edition >

As the Triptych motives come in multiple pieces, there are many ways to design your walls. They can be grouped together to form one large image or can be installed individually.

TRS-02-Comer-SeeShop Sepia Triptychs of the Schwerelos Edition >

Some designs of the Triptych series are available in sepia. Because of its discreet tone-on-tone, the sepia versions blend in harmoniously in any interior setting.


MS-02-CastiglioncelloShop the Castiglioncello motifs of the ‚Schwerelos‘ Edition >

The region around Castiglioncello in the Gulf of Naples is considered one of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy. The paradise-like nature, the glimmer of light on the waves and the scent of pine trees create a sense of ease in which the daily issues fade and the laws of gravity seem repealed.